On 1 October 2015 Marlborough Sports Garden hosted the launch of brand new Pattball courts in Southwark. The event saw local school children from both primary and secondary schools take part and play on the first official court in South London..

Marking the opening of 4 courts in South London, the Marlborough court adds to those in Brimmington Park, Lettsom Estate and Four Squares Ball Court.

Nils Battye of Southwark Council said:“We are very proud to be one of the first boroughs to have official Pattball courts. The great strength of the game is that the rules are simple, it provides participants with a good workout, it involves skill and is reallygood fun to play. I wish I was younger and fitter because I very much enjoyed the 10 minutes of play I had”.

Aiming to encourage more people to take part, Pattball now has an official standardised court that is being installed in schools, parks, housing estates and other community settings – also allowing people to train for a tournament expected to take place in summer 2016.

Due to the simple nature of the game and minimal equipment required, it’s a great way to get young people moving and build key skills. Not only does the game build hand-eye co-ordination but players speed, agility, and stamina too.

One parent said: “It’s a great little game – I played a similar version when I was at school and the official courts just make it cooler and more fun. I’m sure when there are tournaments and prizes up for grabs everyone’s competitive nature will come out and the game will take a whole new level.” | 2 October 2015

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